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I am a British artist based in Padua, Italy.

My passion for art started from a young age growing up in the Wiltshire countryside. It was developed further with my art training from Marlborough College; an Art Foundation in Wiltshire; and a BA (Hons) in History of Art and Architecture (UEA) which informed my interest in light, space and architectural forms.

During my degree I won an Erasmus scholarship to the University of Pisa, Italy. I instantly fell in love with the country and its culture and I now call it my home. 

My artwork has been exhibited widely in art fairs and galleries in the UK and Europe. Many of my  artworks are now in private collections worldwide.

Additionally, I enjoy teaching art workshops to children and I mentor adults in person and online, see for details.


For some years now I have been developing and focusing my research on the theme of urban life and urban silence, constantly discussing the progression of the rapidly transforming urban landscape in terms of architecture, technology, politics and social change. At times there are glimpses of natural landscapes.

Photography has become my tool to investigate, discover, confront, and ultimately portray the contemporary world.  After some years of elaborating the technique, photographic transfer has become an integrated part of these works, it originates with the photographic shot, while the images are then applied by hand and fused with the various materials. I also express my own internal landscape through gestural marks as I continue to transform within this transient space. The cityscapes represent real places captured in my drawings or photography and are then transformed into a dreamlike dimension where space, sound and time are segmented into pictoral planes.

I use a wide range of mixed media techniques; acrylic, photographic transfer, photography, collage and printmaking on various supports ranging from canvas, wood, to sheets of oxidized metal.​

Urban Silence VII, 60 x 90cm, 

mixed media on metal, 2012​


Maab Studio d'Arte, Padova

Urban Portraits, Startlab, Padova

Video Link: Luoghi Comuni, Centro dei Congressi

Rosolina Mare 2013


2022      "Absence : Presence" 47 Anno Domini, Treviso

2020     “Urban Silence” virtual exhibition, Online

2018      “Urban Structures” Podere Ripi, Volterra, Italy

2016      “Urban Portraits” Startlab, Padova, Italy

2013       “Luoghi Comuni” Centro dei Congressi, Rosolina Mare, Italy

2012       “Urban Life” Oratorio di Villa Simion, Spinea, Venezia, Italy

2012       “Urban Silence” Maab Studio d’arte, Padova, Italy

2008     “Cityscapes” Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

2008     “Scoprendo la Città”, Galleria Costanzo, Casale Monferrato,                         Alessandria, Italy

2006     “Lines in Nature”, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

2005     “Where paths meet, where horizons materialize”, 

                 Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

2005     “Where paths meet”, L’Istituto Dante Alighieri, Padova, Italy

2004     “A journey along the Horizon”, Marlborough Open Studios,                         Wiltshire, UK

2003      “Horizon”, Villa Corner, Monselice, Italy

2003      “Tempo Passato e Tempo Presente”, Villa Corner, Monselice,                       Italy

2000      “Impressione d’Italia”, Numero Undici, Pisa, Italy

  Video Link: Factory-Art, Project Berlin 2014

  Video Link :  Ars in Tempore 2020

 (in Italian)

 critic Roberta Gubitosi

Street Phototgraphy Now Project


Urban Awakening installation, Arte Padova 2011

My work has featured in the Art Ship #4


2021  Untitled, Chelsea, London

2020  Ars in Tempore, Polo Museale Diocesano,  Gubbio (PG)

2017  Fuori Salone, Milan Design Week, My Home Gallery

2016  Selected for Postcarts project, My Home Gallery, during Art Biennale, Venice.

2014  Selected for a digital exhibition with, Art Miami

2014  Selected for PROJECT BERLIN, Factory-Art, Berlin Art Week

2014  My Home Gallery, ReverseLab, Verona

2013  My Home Gallery, collective installation at Art Verona

2013  Emergenza Arte: Contained, XX.9.12 FABRIKArte, Villa Farsetti, S. Maria di Sala

2013  “DeltArte”, Museo Regionale della Bonifica, Ca’ Vendramin, Taglio di Po

2013  Arte a Teatro, Oratorio di Santa Maria Assunta, Spinea

2012  “CENTOCINQUANTAx150mo.x150mm” Villa Baglioni, Massanzago, PD

2011  22° edizione di Arte Padova

2011   Street Photography Now Project (2010-2011). 

Online Project in collaboration with The Photographer’s Gallery, London

published on

2010  Museo Civico di Padova, Donne nell'arte Women in Art

 with photographer Franco Storti

2010  Battersea Contemporary Arts Fair, London

2009  Cremona Arte Fiera, Mag Arte

2009  Bergamo Arte Fiera, Mag Arte

2009  Micro Macro, la Pescheria Vecchia di Este, Padova

2008  The Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Morgan Boyce Contemporary Fine Art

2008  The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, Morgan Boyce Contemporary Fine Art

2008  The Affordable Art Fair, Bristol, Morgan Boyce Contemporary Fine Art

2008  The Affordable Art Fair, Edinburgh, Morgan Boyce Contemporary Fine Art

2008  Arte Brescia, Mag Arte

2008  Arte Firenze, Mag Arte

2008  Kunstart, Bolzano, Mag Arte 

Other Collective Exhibitions include:

2008  Fiera d’arte “en plein air”, Associazione Tempio dell’arte, Padova

2008  Arte Parma, Mag Arte

2008  Riciclarti, Bastione Alicorno, L’Assessorato per l’Ambiente, Padova,

2008  Fiera Arte Genova, Mag Arte

2008  VITARTE, Viterbo, quinta edizione, Mag Arte

2008  Bergamo Arte Fiera, Mag Arte

2007  Mostra Natalizia con l’Associazione Culturale Artistica, Galleria Città di Padova

2007  Mostra Collettiva con l’Associazione Paolo Capovilla, Via Dante 70, Padova

2007  Arte Giovane 07, Galleria Città di Padova, Italy

2007  Cibarti, esposizione di Artisti Indipendenti, ex-Macello, Padova, Italy

2007  Cityscapes, The Gallery, Pewsey High Street, Wiltshire, UK

2007  Fiera d’arte “en plein air”, Associazione Tempio dell’arte, Padova   

2006  Open Studios satellite show Cross Keys, Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire

2006  Micro Macro, Carbonara di Rovolon, Padova

2006  Morgan Boyce Contemporary Fine Arts, Marlborough

2005  Marlborough Artists, Marlborough Town Hall, Wiltshire

2004  Palazzo dei Congressi, Stazione Marittima, Trieste

2004  Premio Nazionale di Pittura, Centro Culturale, Giudecca, Venice

2004  Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes, Wiltshire

2004  “Open Studios 10th Anniversary Exhibition”, Marlborough Town Hall, Wilts

2004  Municipio di Ponte San Nicolò, Padova

2003  Galleria S.Vidal, S. Zaccaria, Venezia

2003  Premio Nazionale di Pittura, Centro Culturale, Giudecca, Venice

1999   “Ways of Seeing”, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich.

1998  “Bookworks Exhibition”, Trowbridge College.